Tips For Cleaning Your Dryer Vent – NYC Independent Press

Reducing the risk of fire is one of the best ways to enhance the safety of your house and your loved ones. The video below will demonstrate how to clean your dryer vents.

The initial step is easy it is to clean out the trap for lint that can be found in the dryer. This step may already be taken care of, but do it again before proceeding to a greater thorough cleaning. You are then going have to stop by the local hardware store to buy a dryer cleansing tool kit. It will come with attachments as well as a scrubs for your drill in order to get down into the dryer’s vents. After that, you can move towards the dryer’s back.

There is a need to grab towards the dryer’s back and unplug from the main vent. Once that’s done, attach the dryer’s attachments, and then clean the dryer vent. After that, and the dryer has been put back in place, your home is now secure. mevkoc4jly.

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