6 Home Repairs You Should Consider DIY – DIY Projects for Home


90% of outside jams are at that at a level even though they might not look like that because they’ve sunk over timeso if you check carefully before starting, the project you’re replacing should go smoothly without any additional carpentry work.

Blocked drains

If you’re thinking about clogged drains, the very first thing you should do is consult an electrician or professional plumber. It’s the first step However, you should also think about DIY solutions. You can access drain rods or even an electrical snake drain opener in the bathroom. If you’ve tried to plunge but unsuccessfully, now is the time to get down and dirty with one these equipments.

In addition to cleaning out the garbage disposal by using a few glasses of ice cubes and dish soap, you should also know how to properly plunge: Place 1/2 cup baking powder in the drain, along with 2 cups of water that is boiling Let the mixture rest for about half an hour, then plunge repeatedly until the blockage is gone. There is also the plunger for sinks, but make sure you use a regular sink plunger and not the toilet plunger.

Paint Your Home

If you’re looking to go beyond touching to your baseboards, then you must invest in a paint kit. It will typically be supplied with brushes and primer along with the paint itself, without an air compressor or a spray gun. Just put some paint on a foam brush and brush it onto the surface of your wall to smooth out scratches cracks, scratches, or marks. Then, let the paint lay for about 20 minutes.

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