6 Paths to Permanent Residency – United States Laws


It could be the beginning step to becoming an American citizen, or it might allow you stay within America and retain your citizenship. Ben Analyst outlines ways of getting lawful permanent residency via obtaining a greencard.

One family member of green card holders may apply to get their own green cards. Eligible family members include spouses, children, parents, and children.

Two Choose to apply for a marriage green card. This can be used for marriages from non-citizens to citizens. Also, widows and divorcees from American citizens can be eligible to apply to be granted green cards so it is confirmed that the marriages to be legitimate.

Three: Get an green card for work. This is for people who are employed in America. In certain instances wives and children employees who are green card holders may obtain their own green cards.

Fourth: A green card can be obtained to serve as a humanitarian purposes, including when you seek asylum or are ex-refugee.

Five: If you’re someone who has been a victim of human trafficking you may be eligible for green cards on the condition of helping with the case against the perpetrators.

Six The green card may be won through the lottery for diversity. Every year, there are roughly 50,000 winners who win the diversity lottery for green cards.

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