Spending Time With Friends and Family 12 Fall Activity Ideas for Seniors – Biology of Aging

Pack a picnic lunch, and then take a break while eating outside. Make sure you have a thermos full of hot tea, hot coffee or hot chocolate to drink. Walking is good for your overall health. It also provides you with sun which is an amazing resource of Vitamin D.

Dress warmly and wear comfortable clothing, shoes, and socks. It is possible to plan your route as well, and bring the map with you to help navigate. Pause and begin with a little walk to get used to your routine. You don’t have to abandon walking in the fall. There are many scenic trails to be followed. Walking helps reduce stress and strengthen your muscles. Additionally, it helps burn calories if you’re trying to shed weight.

Planning Indoor Gardening For Fall

There are also fall activities for senior citizens to help with winter. Many vegetables and herbs are easy to grow indoors when you want to bring plants indoors for fall and winter. You can buy potted plants in your local garden centre, special lights to provide the plants with more illumination, or even a display case or stand. The sun is essential for herbs, and they require sunlight in an area of 60-degrees or greater. Pots must have adequate drainage. Basil, mint, thyme and oregano are good herbs that will develop.

Cherry tomatoes are an easy vegetable to grow in fall as well as winter indoors. They will require artificial light approximately 16 hours per day, and temperatures should be at least 65 degrees or higher. An inviting family space, sunroom or even a spot inside the house is ideal for them to be inside. Chili peppers are able to be cultivated inside. They have the same growing conditions as cherries tomatoes can be cultivated in the indoor space. It is also possible to use veggies and herbs for your food preparation.

Find out from your local garden centre the plants that can be grown in the indoor space, and what the demands are. The best option is to cultivate flowering plants or plants to spice your indoor space during more chilly weather. A cold-weather adaption is feasible for spider plant, aloe vera, aloe, and even cactus plants. Indoor gardening can improve the quality of air. qwqjoenqd2.

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