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It is better to contact law enforcement immediately after an accident rather than wait until they respond. Be prepared to spend a few hours at the police station filling with a written report of the accident and answering questions from officers even if you feel fine.

In spite of how serious your injuries appear right away after a collision, injuries will get worse over time. You should be treated immediately by a medical professional. Also, speaking to lawyers for auto accidents can assist in obtaining legal counsel after a car crash occurs. They are able to handle every aspect of insurance, and ensure your rights in the event of car accidents.

Transfer your vehicle to a safe place

If you’re physically fit and can safely drive then the first thing you should do if your car accident is move your car away from traffic that is heavy or pedestrians. If the accident isn’t serious and the incident is not too serious, then police or other passers-by should be kept out of the way. If it is possible, get your car off the road and call your garage for towing.

If you have to be in a parking area, ensure that you are in a safe place or garage where you won’t cause any inconvenience for those driving around or going home. It gives you a space from traffic so that there is no need to be concerned about getting hit with another vehicle who may lose their control while distracted from witnessing the chaos of your accident.

There is also the option of exchanging information concerning your insurance plan with driver who is driving you, and not worry about being distracted or worried of getting caught in trouble. It is necessary to obtain the other person’s name, phone number, and details on their insurance, so you are able to fill out the police report and record what occurred.

Make contact with the insurance company you have with

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