Understand Your Municipal Representation – Source and Resource

There are two kinds of Councillors: Ward Councillors or Proportional Representative Counsellors. Three different kinds of municipalities that exist in South Africa are Metro, District and Local.

The Proportional Rep Councillor, or PR-Representativeis picked by the political party. It selects a member however the number of PR-Councillors that it receives depends on the number of votes that it receives during the local elections. To be able to represent the whole municipality each elected official has to work together. They serve as the liaison between the Council and the residents.

All councillors must attend all Council or committee meetings, unless granted a leave of absence. This Code of Conduct must be adhered to by all councillors in order to ensure that the community’s highest interests are being considered. Ward Councillors must create committees which allow citizens to take part in the workings of their committee. dcwhvujmeq.

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