When Do You Need a Crown Put In? – Dental Hygiene Association

It can be painful to chew. You will have take better care of your teeth when you grow older. Dental crowns could be the only choice. Here is how to know the time you may need crowns and what to expect in the event that you have to.

Your teeth wear through time due to injuries dental decay, fillings, and sometimes even from your bite. Crowns can prevent further wear and stop the tooth from breaking. Before you get a crown, it is possible to feel the pain or observe the cracked tooth.

It can take longer to place crowns in your mouth than you are expecting. It will take a couple of visits to anesthetize the affected area, and to shape and prepare the tooth. There may be a need for a filling in the tooth, and this occurs during the second appointment. It is done to support the crown placed on your tooth. The mold is taken of your teeth, and that will be sent to a lab where wearing a temporary crown. The custom-made crown will be put in place and bonded upon receipt from the dentist.

Even though you could feel discomfort after the procedure, it should not be as bad as other tooth. If you’ve got any questions, talk to your dentist.


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