Be Careful When Ordering These Items From a Seafood Restaurant – Healthy Lunches

Beware of any act that may put your health at risk and the environmental. These are the things that you shouldn’t order from the seafood restaurants.
Fried Calamari does not make an excellent choice due to the fact that it’s packed with sodium and calories. This is especially the case for the Atlantic Bluefin Tuna which has been the one that has been most endangered of tuna because of overfishing. As sustainable choices, choose Yellowfin tuna as well as bigeye tuna. Snapper is among the most frequently used “fake” foods that are served in seafood eateries. The most common fakes are tilapia which is commonly fished. In Japan the Eels are popular as a seafood option. If they’re not cooked correctly the fish can become poisonous and endangered. Beware of ordering “specials”. Some restaurants will serve freshly prepared food that is delicious, some make use of the opportunity to clear out the refrigerator, giving you spoilt fish. King Mackerel contains high levels of mercury, which is harmful for pregnant women and their infants. For seafood, the best alternatives are to choose salmon, shrimp canned tuna pollock. Do not order shark due to the dangers of finning. It is a brutal way of catching sharks, cutting off their fins and their release into the water. vw7orxcsp8.

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