How to Install Your Water Heater Replacement – Home Improvement Videos

. If you have an older home, you might have to replace your water heater sooner than you imagine. These are some helpful tips or an idea to pass along with professionals.

Before beginning, you must make sure the electricity and water are off. There must be the shut-off valve in close proximity. If you’re unable to find it the contractor will be able to help. Then you’ll be able to start draining the current water heater. To avoid any damages to your water heater, make sure that the water drains into either the drain, in a bucket or outside.

You’ll want to detach any water and gas lines from the old heater in this stage. Get rid of the valve for pressure release and the pipe for overflow, with care because they’ll later be put back in the new heater. Be sure that the newly installed heater is in good alignment with the old attachments, and begin hooking it up.

In order to avoid any future problems, ensure that your plumber checks the water heater. Meet with a professional heater installation expert on ways to get your installation to be as safe as it can be.


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