The Basics of Stump Grinding – Teng Home

In this video it will teach you about stump grinding. There are many methods to eliminate tree stumps from your lawn. Burning the stump and removing it with a hand can be an alternative. A stump grinder is also one of the choices. When you are using any type of machinery, be certain you have your safety equipment on. When you are ready to remove your stump, cut the stump as close to the soil as you can. This will make the removal process faster. Also, be sure to grind away any rocks near the stump. Avoid using the stump grinder with pets and children. The grinder wheel should be raised just a few inches from the stump’s end. Turn the grinder on and put the wheel approximately a feet into the stump. Take care to make an upward and down motion. Keep doing this and lower the blade gradually. For this to be accomplished the best result, it may be necessary to increase the engine throttle. After you’ve cleared the stump entirely, switch your stump crusher off before raising the stump. For more details, please watch this instructional video. 7nfpss4a1h.

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