The Different Types of Furnaces – AT HOME INSPECTIONS

me. It will keep me cozy in winter and cool in the summer. Did you know there are different types of furnaces?
They are among the most Common

The most common furnace found in a household is one that is gas. Gas furnaces are powered by natural gas from a pipeline that runs into your home. Gas is then introduced into the heating system after which it comes into contact with an ignition burner. This makes the gas warm up. And with this final step warmth is delivered to your residence.

Oil Furnances

These types of furnaces typically are found throughout areas of North-Western United States due to the cooler temperatures. Oil furnaces use the oil they produce to create a heat source, the only downside is that these oil furnaces aren’t as good as gas furnaces when it comes in terms of heating homes.

Electric Furnances

The ideal furnace model suitable for your residence is the electric furnace. They use heating elements to create warming air in the residence. Their main advantages include a cheaper price tag and being larger than conventional furnaces.


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