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insurance. What you need and what requirements for your vehicle dictate the type of insurance that you pick. In this video, we will discuss the different types of auto insurance.

Liability Insurance:
This is the type of insurance that every owner of a car should have. This insurance protects others if you are the cause of the cause of an accident. The two components of liability insurance are insurance for property damage and the bodily injury coverage. Property damage covers the cost of fixing or valuing vehicles or property that has been damaged. Insurance for bodily damage covers medical expenses involved in the accident.

Collision Insurance:
It protects your vehicle after an accident, regardless of whether you’re the person at for the accident. This type of insurance is required when you lease your vehicle. It is not required if your vehicle is in lease.

Comprehensive Insurance:
It shields your vehicle against the possibility of damage that’s unrelated to the result of an accident, for example, the loss of objects or theft. This usually is required when you have the car you lease. There is no ownership of the vehicle in the event that you lease it which is why it’s crucial for dealerships to guarantee that their vehicles are insured.

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