Common Heating Repairs – Rad Center

We all want be able to keep our homes healthy. Furnaces are one of the most common appliances that are used to provide heat to homes, so it is important to be aware of possible issues that you may encounter. We will be discussing typical furnace problems so you don’t have to repair your heating system.

The very first thing we’re going to discuss concerns the airflow of a furnace. It is recommended to check the filters in the event that you feel there is reduced heat or less airflow. Clean filters could affect airflow. To prevent this from happening, you should change the air filter at least every couple of months.

Check the furnace’s ignitor. The ignitor is something that you take straight out from the furnace and test for continuity. If it isn’t in continuity this means you’ll need to replace it.

The last problem we are going to address is related to an gas valve. Make sure the valve has been turned on when there’s not a flame. If the valve is turned on and you still don’t see a flame, then call someone to fix it for you.


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