How Designers Meticulously Craft Cars Out of… Clay? – Car Talk Credits

Achines are still a part of the process to make it more efficient. In this video, you are going to learn more about the process of making clay employed to make vehicles. If you’re looking to make repairs to your car in a hurry take your vehicle to a trusted local auto body service.

When you think about clay, you may imagine a wheel of pottery. The process of using clay to create automotive models is more sophisticated. It begins with a basic computer representation of the car. The machine is then able to cut an entire block of clay in an exact shape that resembles the car as precisely possible as it can. Following this, designers are able to make small adjustments and even add a finishing touch to the designs. Clay is easy to modify because it’s so versatile. However, the process is nevertheless time-consuming. Each aspect must be meticulously thought through. The main benefit of using clay models is that designers can see how the model reflect and reacts to light in various lighting conditions. Digital models can make this difficult.


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