How to Install Carpet in Your Home – My Maternity Photography

The Ideo Guide “How to install carpet” offers a step-by step guide to installing carpet.

Before beginning, be sure there is the seam (installations greater than 15 feet) and also that you buy premium carpet padding. It prolongs carpet’s life and provides good insulation.

First, cut the strips of tack to match the space’s dimensions and attach them to the doors frames. Once you’ve laid the carpet with a right angle to the door frame, and then secure neighboring pieces using masking tape. Make a mark on the floor and measure the space using chalk. You can use the marking as well as the straight-edge ruler to guide you in cutting the carpet using a carpet cutter.

Center the carpet in the room , then anchor it and tuck it using the carpet tucker. Tuck and anchor three inches of the long wall first, then alternate with the shorter wall. Lastly, make use of a stretcher, seam sealer, as well as a carpet transition or binder bar to secure the carpet down.


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