Is Grain-Free Dog Food Dangerous? – North Texas Cat Rescue

The same eating habits are beneficial to dogs as well. It’s a great idea to consider healthier options to feed your dog, however, you should be aware of the nutrients they require to be well. In this video, we are going to find out whether no grain dog food can do more harm than good when incorporated into the dog’s food.

There are numerous dog breeds that are allergic to grains. Certain breeds of smaller size can be sensitive to soy or certain grains. However, you shouldn’t feed your pet a diet that is primarily meats. Dilated Cardiomyopathy, a disorder which causes dogs to get sick after eating grains-based food has been blamed on many of the recent cases. This sickness is most common among boxers and dobermans, but recently it’s popping everywhere in all breeds. Even though grain-free dog food has been shown to cause a slowing of the growth of muscletissue, experts don’t exactly what grains cause the problem. There are many grain-free foods to blame, and the research continues to determine the causes of this issue.


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