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The horse will be transported using the custom-designed hearse trailer the cremation site. The horse is transported into the cremation location by an individualized hearse vehicle. It will then be dropped using forklift attachments which take it gently and gently into the horse’s chamber. In the case of larger horses, it works similar manner to cremation for humans. Equine cremations utilize a more industrial-grade furnace that heats the carcass of the horse.

A variety of places offer a range of different solutions.
Private cremation of horses The horses are cremated separately. During the cremation, no other animals will be mixed. When the remains of an animal are cremated, they are buried in an urn. The proprietor is informed.

Memorial Horse Funeral: Also known as comunal cremation, it is less expensive than personal horse burial. Many animals may be cremated at once with this type of cremation. The cremation procedure is completed, the owner will not be presented with an urn. Nor the animal cremains is returned to the person who owned it, but scattered to the pet cemetery grounds instead. dg9na5vd5f.

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