How You Can Protect Your Car From Criminals – Car Stereo Wiring

ons. Ons. You must ensure that it’s maintained. Maintenance is a regular aspect of this. It is important to protect it from thefts too. Criminals use advanced technologies to steal cars. This video will go over the details. You may be able to help identify the criminal. Bail bonds could be the only choice.

Recently, thieves have been using Apple’s new AirTag devices to locate cars that they want to break into or steal in the future. It works by attaching a tracking device with a magnetic magnet on the vehicle they want to track. The criminal then uses an app to locate the vehicle using their smartphone. However, there’s one flaw to this plan that we as consumers can use to protect ourselves. You can simply download an app on your phone which will recognize these trackers. They emit a Bluetooth signal which can be monitored by apps. They can alert users if they detect that an AirTag has been around the immediate area for more twenty minutes.


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