How New Tech Led to Laser Weight Loss Services – Info Tech

This machine can melt away up to 24 percent of stubborn belly fat that is accumulating around the flanks. Here is how it works.
Dr. Kiam Karimi, a plastic surgeon who is from Los Angeles, explains that SculpSure uses high-frequency laser diode lasers. These therapeutic radiations generate heat, which will then flow to the body. With the help of the lymphatic system, this laser technology therapy eliminates all the body’s fat cells.
SculpSure is a treatment that targets areas of fat destruction once the procedure has started. Some patients might feel that the weight loss treatment using lasers will just drain their stomach fat. It does this by creating an inviting, warm and tingling sensation.
SculpSure has created an FDA-approved and clinically tested machine that is clinically tested and approved by the FDA. It gives targeted energy and energy boosts specifically to body regions such as the belly and back, the thighs and love handles. It helps attain quick, secure, and long-lasting result. It melts body fat quickly and efficiently, in contrast to other treatments. This happens even after two or three sessions. m53j7vqkyu.

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