Lets Talk About Lead Paint and Health – Health Talk Online


Lead paint can trigger serious health concerns in some industries. In the words of the voiceover in this video, it is important be aware that their homes may be contaminated with lead paint during repair work.

Based on the footage that lead is harmful to children’s bodies in the greatest way because their bodies and brains are in development, though they also suffer from it in adults too. Leap damage is long-lasting and can manifest later through life as anger-related outbursts and difficulty learning.

What can homeowners do to know if their house is painted with lead?

Lead paint was banned 1978, but that isn’t a guarantee that every home built earlier than 1978 are covered in lead paint. There’s no reason to repair lead-based paint on the house that’s not in excellent condition and has no peeling or cracking.

But, homeowners should call professionals to assess their house if the paint is peeling. Also, when it comes to renovations for older homes, owners should hire renovation professionals who’ve undergone lead-safe work practices.


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