Choosing The Best Air Compressor – Car Talk Podcast

This YouTube video “How to pick an air compressor” provides tips on selecting the ideal compressor.

Understanding the main purpose behind the air compressor is a crucial essential step towards selecting the ideal option. The compressor will be utilized lots of energy, which is why it’s important to have the capacity of a tank, as well as high-voltage storage. You should select a compressor which is suitable for your needs. It is also important to take into consideration the kind of electrical outlets that are available at your residence. Air compressors with plenty of power will work better to 240v outlets than conventional 120v outlets. Contact an electrician to upgrade your outlets when you’ll need a high-powered air compressor.

Consider how much room the garage is as well as how much noise you neighbors will tolerate. Air compressors generate a lot of noiseand shouldn’t have your neighbors complaining over the use of the compressor. The best option is to build a massive garage in order to install an air compressor.


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