How to Find Quality Italian Dress Shoes – Daily Inbox

It is important to choose a premium Italian shoes for dress. As it ages, a good Italian dress shows signs of age and develops the warmth. You might end up with an item that isn’t as good as your favorite pair. Here are some tips to find high-quality Italian formal shoes.

Examine whether the material used for the dress shoe is made of full grain leather. High-end leather is created from the finest part of the hide. To get rid of any imperfections it’s completely smoothed. A different material for full genuine leather is suede. The dress shoes made from suede may appear slightly less formal than traditional leather footwear but they’re made of hide of the leather, and can be used for casual and bright appearances.

Make sure the Italian formal shoes feature black stitching. A black-stitched dress shoe could cost more, however its construction is more durable because of the mix of stitching and gluing. You should also check the sole of the dress shoe. The best Italian formal shoes are made of the synthetic rubber soles. The soles made of rubber are stronger and less prone to water than the soles constructed of leather. Get more info on Italian dress shoes. Check out the video linked above.


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