Heating Oil Is Better Than Gas and Heres Why – NC Pool Supply

Heating oils are not well-known. But, the majority of people do not know what heating oil is. It is surprisingly safest method of heating and is one of the top. Below are some reasons why heating oil is superior to natural gas.

Heating oil produces the hottest flame of all fuels used to heat homes (400 degrees higher than gas) that allows your house to get warmer faster and consume less energy in order to maintain temperatures. Heating oil is non-explosive once it’s evaporated. It means that if you drop a match inside a container filled with heating oil, it is unlikely to explode, which makes it extremely secure. Heating appliances made of oil last for longer than gas furnaces that are natural, they can only last 11-14 years.

Modern oil burners produce almost none of the smoke and combustion byproducts in your home. They’re among the most eco-friendly and safe sources of burning, according to EPA. Modern oil system technology allows for re-burning fuel, which reduces emission. Natural gas, however, is 95% methane, and systems losses caused by natural gas are responsible for 18% of global methane emissions, contributing to the climate warming. cauborfpep.

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