Installing a Groin Vault Ceiling Kit – Diy Index

the video walks you through the steps to installing a groin vault ceiling inside your home.

A groin vault ceiling kit includes installation directions. You should carefully read the instructions thoroughly and be familiar of the process. This manual will guide you set up your groin vault fast and easily.

1. Take measurements of the area for the ceiling to be installed. It is then possible to calculate the amount of materials you will require.

2. The next thing to do is build the opening to your vault. Use the level to make sure that the ceiling will be straight after it is installed.

3. After the opening has been cut Once the opening is cut, it’s time to begin putting in the vault’s frame. You should use lumber that is designed to support loads.

4. When the framing is set installed, you are able to begin installing the actual the groin vault.

5. Finish the installation by adding a trim or molding to your preference. Your vault could be finished with a ceiling a polished look by adding trims or molding.


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