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whether a will is valid. The process involves the division of an estate in the event of a death.
A person who makes an estate plan is known as a testator. Once the validity of the will is established, the estate will be divided according to what the decedent’s wishes were. Intestate is a term used to describe a scenario where a person who has died leaves no will. The rules of succession for intestate would apply to their state and will determine how to distribute the estate. No matter what type of will you have, probate is the next process to settle and distribute the estate.
Probate lawyers with experience start with the administration of the probate law process when probate has been granted. Personal representatives are responsible for the administration and distribution of an estate. Personal representatives must swear that they will follow the rules of dividing the estate. People appointed by will are called executors and given authority by “Letters Testamentary.”
Notifications should also be made to all interested parties. Though the details may differ depending on location, the notice permits any person to claim on the estate. The notification of creditors through paper may be required. Any potential heirs might require distinct notification, if there is no will. gyplrl5dz8.

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