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xplores the reasons behind the formation of skin scars the skin. The formation of scars is a normal part of the healing process. Scars come in array of different shapes. Some of them are circular, oval, and irregularly shaped. The linear scar can be a generally straight line which could be red and raised or plain and white. The possibility of acquiring a linear injury from football and rugby contact American football as well as operations. The body can repair the tissue injury by inserting collagen fibers around the damaged the area, a line of scar is formed.

After healing, the scab naturally forms on the skin. It eventually fades away and forms scars. Atrophic scars are usually flattened and are not textured or have any color. It could take a long time before the scare disappears after the injury is completely healed.

The body repairs the injury through the creation of new skin cells collagen elastin fibers, collagen and tissues beneath your skin’s surface. Collagen is a hard protein found in connective tissue that helps strengthen your skin, and elastin assists your skin in stretching and return to its original form following stretching. This scar tissue, which tends to be larger than normal skin may be noticeable more in comparison to normal skin. The scar tissue may also be a different color. nnsjenpum3.

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