Seating Tips for High Performance Driving – How Old Is the Internet

impact on speed and impact on your speed and. This is the action you must take to ensure you are performing at the highest level speed and reaction time.

Move the seat’s base forward. The seat should be placed close to the brake pedal, so you are able to push it all the way to the floor if needed. You should also be able to pull the clutch all the way down with your heel not falling off of the floor. Then, rotate the backrest around 90 degrees until the elbows of your hands are bent 90 ° while holding the steering wheel. It is also possible to shift the wheel further towards you.

Next, adjust the positioning for your hands. The hands must be at the nine-oclock mark and the three-oclock position on the wheel. Your hands should always be pointing toward the direction in which you’re turning when you drive. If you’re making the left turn for instance you should have your right hand be raised , and your left one lower.

If you adhere to these guidelines for posture You’ll definitely notice an improvement in your racing performance. Good luck and happy racing!


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