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While shooting ranges in outdoor locations are ideal for practicing and training, indoor facilities provide many benefits. The range is always open and you don’t have to be concerned about rainy days , or stop your practice.

What should you expect at an indoor shooting range? What do you need to be aware of in order to have the best shooting range experience.

Gun Rentals

Gun rentals are available at many shooting ranges. But, it is possible that there are an age limit, or you must be in a group for hire. Also, you can rent out to try out various styles and sizes.

Backstops to protect rear walls

Indoor shooting ranges have rear-wall backstops to protect bullets. Be sure to aim with a straight line towards the backstop and be sure that your shot doesn’t land on the floor or ceiling.


The majority of ranges recommend that you are allowed to bring guns into the facility cased and unloaded. It doesn’t matter if your pistol is not inside the plastic bag. It’s essential to never carry a gun that’s vulnerable.


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