The Top Questions to Ask Child Custody Attorneys – Discovery Videos

It is a good idea to meet with child custody lawyers. In the clip, a family law attorney will give you a glimpse into the types of questions you should ask yourself before your meeting with the attorney. The questions you ask are ones the judge would ask as well as the attorney you’re working with can help you develop an answer that is suitable for these questions.

Here are a few concerns. What has changed within your life, or in the environment that warrant a modification of your request? It can be something dramatic for example, like the jailing of the other parent, or something simpler, such as the parent being out of the state.

Which specific things do you need to change? Perhaps you and another parent are now sharing legal authority to make decisions. You want to amend the arrangement so that you get the final decision-making authority. Also, you may want to change the plan for parenting. Be prepared to show how the proposed changes are in the best interest that of the child. These are some top questions lawyer for child custody be asking.


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