A Look at Life as a Roofer – Small Business Tips


Ever wondered the experience of be a roofer? This video can give you insights into the everyday work day for those who are fascinated by this career. There’s no narration. This video is more about doing than telling.

Roofers should be in good shape. They must be able carry parts of shingles, lumber and ladders. Moving things about on roofs will require you to be flexible and cautious. If you don’t, you could lose your balance and falling. Because you are up on the roof, you are directly exposed to sunshine, making the job even harder in hot weather.

Most people want to replace or repair their roof. This requires removing damaged or old plywood and installing new ones. You must dispose of all debris in a trash container. It is necessary to work in a group of men to ensure safety and efficiency. There is a need to move and take away both the new and old materials and you could make use of a machine to accomplish these jobs.

You will also need to ensure that the roof is secured. This is the time to know what a roofer does daily.


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