What to Do When a Storm Damages Your House – Insurance Claim Process

frames. Check for water infiltration and also. Ceilings, walls and floors might have been damp from the storm surge or rain and will need dryness treatments prior to painting or refixing.

Before beginning the cleaning , it’s vital to look over your property for damages caused by storms. If your windows, doors and roofs are pulled off their hinges or become detached from their frames, they may cause damage. Also, water infiltration needs to be assessed. Your walls, ceilings and floors could have become wet from the storm surge or rain , and require dryness treatments prior to applying paint or fixing. Get your yard ready for any additional plant life or trees. Locate all bushes, trees and other heavy objects that are in your yard . Remove their debris from your yard. It is important to put up any electric lines within your yard, if there are trees. This will prevent further destruction from the storm or cleanup.

Find any trees, bushes or other objects of a large size from your property and take them from the yard. If there are any trees that are in your backyard ensure that you have all power lines secure prior to further storm damage or cleanup. The first step to treat the affected areas is drying it out and disinfecting locations where the water has made its way in the house. Make sure you follow the directions if able to disinfect water. To reduce damage and to prevent damage, dry the water, if difficult to disinfect.

Examine for any damages to your items If you’ve any things that were damaged during the storm, then it’s essential to inspect them for damage. Some items can be replaced outright if they are seriously damaged, however others may require repair prior to being used to use them again. As an example, windows could need to be replaced with a screen or window frame, while furniture might require cushions or repairs to dents, or common residential cleaning can help make these things more organized. If you notice any damages to your possessions, be sure you take photos and keep track of the serial numbers, so that you can submit a claim in the event of need.

Verify the damage on your property . It’s likely that the property has been damaged.


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